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How to use MCK?

These are only suggestions

but conversational tools



1. GOING THROUGH THE CARDS. Start by going through the cards and selecting the ones are going to be useful for the session. You can leave on a side the ones you think are not useful or you simply do not feel ready to talk about.


2. SELECT THE BOARD. There are three different boards for three different types of workshops. One is for talking specifically about activities, the second one is about masturbation and the third is for exercises. They all can act in co relation to one another.   Based in the topic and the way you want to conduct the workshop you will have to bring other tools in addition to the ones in this kit. Such as physical objects, photos, paper, markers, etc.




1. PLACE THE CARDS. Start by placing the activity and the space cards upside-down in the center of the board.


2. SELECT THE SPACE. Flip a space card around, and before placing it either in private or public, talk on what its private and public. Talk about the difference between spaces, make as many questions as you can, try to share your knowledge and understand what each of the participants think about it. You can make specific questions, or general questions, such as, if you are alone somewhere, does that make the space being private? and so on. Feel free to use external tools like picture, or even leaving the board and going physically to these spaces.   


3. ACTIVITY CARDS. Every activity card encloses a different topic. You can start by either selecting the activities you do in the space you are having the conversation about, and place them on ‘activities you do’ and vice versa, or going deeper into every activity and have a full conversation about it. You can help yourself with the questions behind every card, but remember those are only suggestions, you should bring up more questions. When talking about ‘hugging’ you can bring up different situations where hugging is and is not allow. Talk about what’s a hug, who you give a hug to, where, when, why, and so on. Then you can use ‘EXTRA CARDS’ to show different personas, and to point out zones of the body you use when hugging. 




1. PLACE THE CARDS AND PENIS. Place the masturbation cards, the penis, base and the fabric in the center of the board. Center the private rooms, or specifically the one you are going to have a conversation about in the ‘SPACE’ square.


2. SORTING CARDS. Sorting the masturbation cards by ‘before, during and after’ it is just a way to do it.


3. ACTIVITIES. Every card contains some suggested questions you can start with, but it is going to be really  important that you keep your conversation going by using other physical objects than cards. This is why you can use the plastic penis when talking about touching, you can use the fabric when talking about foreskin and hygiene, and you can use the base (pre filled) when talking about fluids.


4. EXTRA CARDS AND EXERCISE. These cards, as the same than the previous board, can be used to deep your workshop more into specific topics.




1. PREPARE THE BOARD. Whether you chose story telling, or journey mapping or pictures, etc. you are going to prepare leave the board ready for it.


2. ACTIVITY CARDS. The exercises can go around specific activity cards you have chosen, or spaces.


3a. JOURNEY MAP and STORYTELLING. Use the green grid, and write down the points you think is going to be necesary to create the story.  

3b. PICTURES. Set all the pictures you have chosen on the board and speak one by one of all of them.

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